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L'Alta Rocca

Corsica is different, no doubt, because of its multiple faces . A few kilometers from the Gulf of Porto-Vecchio with its port and beaches is the forests and villages of Alta Rocca.

You can connect between villages by footpaths, walk, quad, or even on horseback, admire the magnificent mountains and discover our stunning inland scenery.


Perched on high cliffs of limestone, Bonifacio, walled city, is the pearl of the beautiful island. You can learn about her story through the remains of the old city which has magnificent views of the great port and across to Sardinia.


The largest beach in the vicinity of Porto-Vecchio ... A huge white sand cut off rocky points and bordered by pine trees.


Ancient fortified city, Porto-Vecchio citadel rises above the Gulf carved turquoise coves and long beaches of white sand ...

At her feet, the navy, marina and trade.

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